Electric scooters are very popular abroad, in recent years began to appear in the country

- Mar 04, 2017 -

´╗┐Electric scooter car inexpensive, very save energy, charge 6 hours of electricity ride more than 20 kilometers, up to 32 per hour speed, which for any age (> 12 years old) friends is definitely a very suitable choice;

Compared with the electric bike, it is handsome in appearance, easy to operate, but also because the seat center of gravity is low, driving more secure. Therefore, the electric scooter has been very popular in foreign countries, in recent years began to appear in the country.

It is expected that in the near future, electric scooters will become a popular trend, and is bound to set off a trend of saving energy.

Before and after the shock, the perfect shock effect so that riding really become a kind of enjoyment. Upgrade the seat cushion structure, open the panel to pick up the battery is very convenient, electric scooter off-road vehicle handle, coupled with beautiful shape, so that you control it into the focus of attention.

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