Electric scooters to become fashionable

- Mar 04, 2017 -

One, small and portable

Folding body and less than 1 meter body design, to ensure that the elevator, the car trunk would like to enter into.

Second, the endurance, power

Large capacity battery, enough to support 50 km of life; the use of rear drive 500W high-power motor, to ensure a strong power and climbing ability.

Third, intelligent interconnection module

Intelligent module to join, so that the electric scooter can bind their own WeChat public number, real-time view of a small one of the driving trajectory, while fortification alarm, a key to start, a key lock, with a strong intelligence, triple lock encryption , So that the car more secure.

Fourth, the design avant-garde, highly DIY

More ergonomic design, design avant-garde. Can be self-decals and other personal design and transformation, a high degree of DIY, to meet the different people on the pursuit of individuality.

Five, safe and reliable

Reasonable weight design, open mechanical disc brakes and front and rear car-level inflatable vacuum tires, to ensure reliable reliability and stability of electric scooters.

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