Electric vehicle manufacturers to analyze the important reasons for the decline in the battery

- Mar 04, 2017 -

Electric car manufacturers, some consumers charging method is not correct, or a long time charging, that the longer the charge the longer power more; or long time loss of power, until the run was not charged; or too high or too Low case charge. In fact, these are the factors that cause the battery to degrade.

So, how should the correct charge and discharge it? The correct charging method to a certain extent, can play a role in extending battery life.

First, the charging time should not be too long. Many electric car users that the longer the charging time, the battery power more, in fact, this is a misunderstanding of charging knowledge. Experts here to remind the majority of users, charging time is generally to extend the charger after a month or less for the best. Prolonged overcharge easily lead to battery deformation, dehydration and other phenomena, which directly endanger battery life.

Second, it is best to use a smart socket charge. Electric car manufacturers analysis, there are a lot of electric car users because the charging conditions are not allowed, can only go home from work to charge, work the next day to cut off the power, but there is a long time charging security problems, then the charger in the The role of the middle is particularly important. In fact, most of the charger can not be 100% to ensure that the battery is fully charged when the power, the best way is to buy smart socket, charging set a good time, so will be able to solve the problem of rest at night peace of mind.

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