How does electric scooter replace tires?

- Mar 04, 2017 -

1) When replacing tires, an internal hexagon screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver are required.

2) Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen all the screws outside the cover (including the screws on the handle), with 7 on each side.

3) electric scooter pedal under the sides of each side have 6 screws, loosen the power switch on the other side of the six hexagon screws. Note: Never twist the hexagon bolts on the side of the power switch.

4) When the screws are unscrewed, turn the cover with the handle as the shaft until the case does not interfere with the removal of the tire. There are wires in the handle area, be careful not to pull off these wires. So that you can replace the tire and repair the inner tube.

5) When the repair is finished, install the cover in its original position and tighten the screws.

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