Balanced Truck Manufacturer's Self-balancing Electric Car How To Ride

- Mar 04, 2017-

´╗┐Balanced truck manufacturers to remind you to note that: one-legged on the car, the use of retractable rod to keep the car smooth, try to slide one leg, the other side of the other side of the car gently point the ground, keep the body upright Forward), such a ride to try to ride the same as the bike, until the smooth taxi so far.

Forward one leg when sliding, the other foot on the pedal, the body upright, to maintain a certain inertia before the line. By controlling the left and right foot pedal strength with the rod to control the body balance according to the above steps to practice, I believe you can already ride a straight line distance!

Now you can start practicing turning! Will not walk, how to learn to fly? So the previous exercise is the key, if you can already be very easy to ride a straight line, then the turn is a matter of course.

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