Balancing Scooter Maintain Balance

- Oct 12, 2017-

Balancing Scooter maintain balance

Balancing scooters, as the name suggests, is a car that can be balanced. For beginners, having a car is very important because we should all know that beginners are faced with one of the biggest problems when they learn to Can not be balanced, when we sit on the bike seat, if the foot can not be the ground, then it is particularly easy to fall, so that beginners learn to use the car when the balance scooter, will give them a lot The sense of security.

 Balanced Car Principle - What is the principle of balancing the scooter?

The principle of operation is mainly based on a basic principle known as "dynamic stabilization" (DynamicStabilization), that is, the vehicle itself, the ability to automatically balance. The built-in solid state gyroscope (Solid-StateGyroscopes) to determine the body position of the posture, through a sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to achieve the balance effect.

The energy source of the vehicle is a lithium battery pack, a single charge can guarantee 20-70km mileage and 20km maximum speed. While riding, the direction joystick points to the direction that needs to be advanced, and the body will travel in the direction of the direction.

When the direction of the joystick in the middle of the body position, the system will move forward in front. When the steering joystick, the system will control the speed difference between the left and right sides, to achieve steering, so that the direction of the body to follow the tilt direction of the joystick tilt, will get a better steering experience. In today's society why the balance of scooters so popular, because the balance of scooters meet the current consumer conditions, in line with consumer conditions but also to meet the wishes of consumers, with its low-carbon travel. With its small and convenient, both environmentally friendly and easy to control. We specifically talk about its characteristics.

(1) electric balance scooter control and its convenience, only through the body before and after the tilt can change the two-wheel balance scooter forward and backward and running speed, more convenient than the traditional car more flexible in real life two rounds of electric Balanced scooters have been used in some special industries, such as the 2008 Olympic Games flagship driving in the streets of Beijing "Segway". When the police can meet the situation, you can react very quickly, which can effectively improve the efficiency.

(2) electric balance Scooter is characterized by no brake system, detected by the gyroscope angle signal, accelerometer detection angle signal, and then converged to achieve two rounds of electric balance scooter accurate angle signal, and finally transmitted to the microcontroller, so that the microcontroller PWM module to control the two-wheel balance scooter motor is reversing, so that both to avoid energy waste, but also to avoid the brake pads wear, the traditional car may also appear when the brake is not working, this situation in the two-wheel balance scooter Do not worry.

(3) electric balance Scooter is characterized by green, because the electric car battery power supply, the environment completely pollution-free, absolutely green, and can be used repeatedly, and the electric vehicle operating efficiency, low noise efficiency, so Both to reduce the noise pollution, but also save energy, basically close to 0, so it is very suitable for use in a small space, such as: large shopping malls, trail, talent market, workshop and so on.

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