Balancing Scooter Operating Rules

- Sep 19, 2017-

Balancing Scooter Operating rules

What are the common types of balance cars we have?

Our common balance car has a roundbar balance car, two wheel balance car, pull bar balance car these kinds. So what are their characteristics?

Advantages of self-balancing cars:

1. The operating rules are simple. Power is a small switch, open the switch station up, forward is to accelerate, backward to stop, left, right, respectively, can turn left, turn right.

My company's balance car type, two-wheel balance car, bar-type balance car.

Easy to carry. Self-balancing car is generally about 10kg, smaller, so you can take away in the bag, the office can be charged, an hour can be filled, go home to ride very convenient.

Single wheel balance car: off-road performance is good, can ride on the road, the road is not very flat can also be used, and rodless as easy to carry, can put the trunk, to adapt to a variety of sections. But off-road performance advantages, after all, can not get on the road, and dangerous, the maximum speed of 15km, electric car bike that light to Road. There is a little important, there is no way to stop moving, met acquaintances you get down, you encounter a red light down (really do not take the road, dangerous).

Two-wheel balance car advantages:

Handless two-wheeled: the same as the handleless handle - portable, handling better, and flexible, you can do all kinds of actions, stop in place rotation are no problem, even for extreme sports, you can go to the supermarket, It is really enough to die. I personally have tried to use after the two-wheelless rod, really convenient a lot, of course, there is a huge drawback is that the small wheels caused by off-road capability is not high, the road conditions are high, suitable for supermarket plaza, home and car The middle of the evil section, the biggest difference is that in addition to transport, he is the only strong entertainment.

Advantages of the rod-type balance car:

Of course, than the handleless two easy to operate, learn fast, learn up quickly.

 The trolley is cool, but will pay attention to balance. But the current single-wheeled vehicles have been banned on the road, so the market has been rarely sold on the wheel.

Balance slightly worse, it is recommended to choose two-wheel balance car, these products are easier to control, easy to get started. If the balance car will be your travel tool, it is recommended to choose two-wheeled balance car, safer, more endurance.

Balance the configuration of the car

To determine the target, then look at the configuration. Electric balance car generally by the gyroscope, control computer, body frame, battery and other major components purchased. The market is more complex, the state is not very clear security requirements, leading to those cottage manufacturers loopholes, the use of low-cost configuration, which also led to some security incidents.

Battery, this is very important, the occurrence of multiple explosions, imbalance is caused by the battery causes. Balanced car is used in lithium batteries, batteries are also good or bad, divided into domestic batteries or can replace the Samsung LG battery, relatively speaking, the price of the balance will be improved. Remember whether the store has a Samsung battery can be replaced.

View the balance car battery parameters are also very important, such as battery life is good, the general balance of car charging 90 minutes to full, the fastest acceleration can reach 18km / h, the general mileage is 23km, respectively, reached 65km.

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