Balancing Scooter Principle Of Operation

- Jul 05, 2017-

Balancing Scooter Principle of operation

Electric balance car, also known as body car, thinking car, photo car and so on. The market is mainly two rounds and two rounds. Its operation principle is mainly based on a kind of called "dynamic stabilization" (Dynamic Stabilization) the basic principle, the use of the body inside the gyroscope and acceleration sensor to detect changes in body posture, and the use of servo control system, Accurately drive the motor to make the appropriate adjustments to maintain the system balance. Is a modern use as a means of transport, leisure and entertainment of a new type of green products.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the number of electric vehicles is increasing. At the same time, scientists after painstaking research, and finally developed a new two-wheel electric balance car. Two-wheel electric balance car is a new type of vehicle, it is with electric bicycles and motorcycle wheels arranged before and after the different, but with two rounds of parallel way. Two-wheel electric balance car with two wheel support, battery-powered, brushless motor drive, coupled with single-chip control, attitude sensors to collect angular velocity and angle signals, the coordinated control of the balance of the body, relying solely on changes in the human body can achieve the vehicle Start, acceleration, deceleration, stop and other actions.

[1] technical principles editor

The principle of operation is mainly based on a basic principle known as "dynamic stabilization" (DynamicStabilization), that is, the vehicle itself, the ability to automatically balance. With the built-in solid state gyroscope (Solid-StateGyroscopes) to determine the body position of the posture, through the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to achieve a balanced effect.

Technical features editor

1, about two rounds of electric cars, the unique balance of design.

2, set "embedded + industrial design + art design" product integration and innovative technology to embedded technology to enhance the inherent intelligence of products to meet the digital products of modern products, intelligent trend, to achieve innovation from the inside out.

3, product information modeling, the establishment of a set of both the product shape characteristics, but also contains the user's cognitive image of the psychological characteristics of the system, and on this basis to further develop the user's product requirements for the final product-driven system.

Function configuration editing

Travel on behalf of travel

Disturbed is the electric balance car and the same type of product has the physical characteristics, the maximum speed of up to 20km, a single charge to complete 20-70km mileage.

Electric balance car can be combined with mobile phones, DV, cameras and other equipment, the use of its automatic walking function, a mobile shooting platform.

APP application

Electric balance car can be interconnected with the phone, through the mobile phone APP, you can real-time understanding of somersault car driving, after-sales information, at the same time, APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions, but also has a Bluetooth configuration function, through the phone to control the car Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Speaker

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth music through the phone to become a mobile music platform. feature of product

Electric drive, the noise is small: electric balance car using lithium battery as a power source, to achieve a zero carbon emissions, and the use of power conversion technology, can be carried out in the process of downhill automatically lithium battery charge, so that energy and kinetic energy Can be recycled, and because of improved motor performance, so the electric balance car noise is very small.

Small size, light weight: two pairs of slippers size of the vertical projection area, small footprint, and the handle can be quickly removed. Electric balance vehicle weight in 15kg or so, while the body with a pull rod, easy to carry carry.

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