Balancing Scooter Request To Drive The Product

- Aug 02, 2017-

Balancing Scooter Request to drive the product

Technical Features and Functional Configuration of Balanced

Technical characteristics

1, about two rounds of electric vehicles, the unique balance of design.

2, set "embedded + industrial design + art design" product integration innovation 67 technology to embedded technology to enhance the inherent intelligence of products to meet the digital products of modern products, intelligent trend, to achieve innovation from the inside out.

3, product information modeling, the establishment of a set of both the product shape characteristics, but also contains the user's cognitive image of the psychological characteristics of the system, and on this basis to further develop the user's product requirements of the final product-driven system.

Function configuration

Travel, travel is the electric counter and the same type of product has the physical characteristics, speed up to 20 km, a single charge to complete the 20 km mileage. Mobile video, electric balance car with mobile phones, DV, camera and other equipment, the use of its automatic walking function, a mobile shooting platform. APP applications, through the APP application, electric balance car can be interconnected with the phone, through the mobile phone APP, you can real-time understanding of somatosens car driving, after-sales information, at the same time, APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions, but also has Bluetooth configuration, Phone Bluetooth to control the car.

Main products: Balanced cars, trolley balance vehicles, mini electric cars, Halley electric vehicles and other products with core technology, bringing together the international core information technology innovation technology, with a wealth of computer, electronics, communications, industrial control, embedded systems The development of hardware and software talent, product application solution elite. Based on the development and application of international outdoor sports products, so that more people can enjoy the convenience of life and pleasure. Balanced car development With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games police balance car stunning debut, balance this new fashionable means of transport began to enter the public vision. As a trendy small minority class means of transport, balance car in the early growth of the market by the degree of concern is not high. Little known is the balance of power sources are mostly used lithium batteries, balance the car a lot of accidents are caused by the battery. Balanced cars more use 18650 power battery, and should have a sudden emergency stop, as well as high-speed operation and other characteristics. Most of the balance of the most commonly used foreign brands imported batteries, such as Samsung and LG, Sony and so on. Relatively speaking, the consistency of imported batteries and cycle performance is better, but the price is relatively expensive. With the production of balanced car business continues to increase, many similar products began to use the domestic lithium battery balance car use

Balanced Car Balancer The user puts the feet on the folding pedal on both sides of the wheel, gently tilting the body forward, leaning forward, tilting the left, and turning the body to the left and right. The more tilted the body, the faster the Solowheel's speed, and the range of revolving devices in the car ensures that it is well balanced. The car can be used once a charge of 2 hours, 45 minutes per charge. Solowheel can travel on up to 15% of the mountain. In the downhill or deceleration, it uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to even regain energy.

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