Balancing Scooter Strengthen The Aluminum Alloy Bracket And Base

- Jun 13, 2017-

Balancing Scooter Strengthen the aluminum alloy bracket and base

Scooter is very convenient to use. If you have never played, do not worry! As long as you will ride a bike, you will Can play! Because of the abstract point, the scooter is like a small bicycle, its overall structure to take the upper body of the bike (front), lower body take skateboard, but it only two wheels. If you do not even have a bike, No problem! Because there is a picture on each carboard of the scooter to teach you how to use and save. If you want to play tricks, line, tell you about the highest level of scooters (now I see): you can pinch the rear wheels, his hands grasp the front, forced to lift the front, the wheel as the center of gravity , In the air in the rotation of two laps, powerful can go to three laps; or grip the front wheel to the front wheel as the center of gravity, tilt the rear wheel two laps, if you will this trick, that you have reached the " The realm of the.

And cheap, and simple, and trendy, do not want to buy a back to High about it? If you want to do it quickly!

Green Universal Edit

Skateboard with anti-cracking, anti-deformation, anti-alpine, very wear-resistant characteristics, strengthen the aluminum bracket and base, not easy to break, skateboard surface printed with colored patterns. Skateboarding body twist and move forward, do not need to use the foot to slide, can do all kinds of fancy changes action, with the twist movement, can achieve significant weight-loss effect, can enhance the balance of personal fitness activities.

Note the editor

Do not use it on a normal road (road).

Before making a ride, be sure to check if each part is loose and the lock lever is locked.

Scooter is not a toy, do not use it for other purposes except ride.

For safety reasons, in use, to be prepared in advance helmets, wrist, rubber shoes, in order to do physical protection measures. In addition, do not wear sunglasses and headphones while playing. At the same time, easy to slip shoes, high heels are not wearable.

When riding, do not ride in stunts.

At night, rain, snow road or gravel, sand, pits and other dangerous places please do not use. At the same time in the ups and downs of the road, frequent vehicles and pedestrians and more places, please do not drive.

The maximum weight limit for scooters is 100 kg. Please do not use more weight.

As the scooter is a new sport, it is a child's favorite, and when the children playing the scooter, in addition to wearing safe protective equipment, the best by the parents in the side to accompany, to avoid dangerous action, the venue Should also choose a more open and flat place.

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