Balancing Scooter The Design Is Mainly

- Jul 18, 2017-

Balancing Scooter  The design is mainly

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, the number of electric vehicles is increasing. At the same time, scientists after painstaking research, and finally developed a new two-wheel electric balance car. Two-wheel electric balance car is a new type of vehicle, it is with electric bicycles and motorcycle wheels arranged before and after the different, but with two rounds of parallel way. Two-wheel electric balance car with two wheel support, battery-powered, brushless motor drive, coupled with single-chip control, attitude sensors to collect angular velocity and angle signals, the coordination and control of the balance of the body, only rely on changes in the human body center can achieve the vehicle The start, acceleration, deceleration, stop and other actions.


Two-wheel self-balancing electric car in the design of the following main features:

Green. Electric car battery power supply, the environment completely pollution-free, absolutely green, and can be used repeatedly charge. And the motor running high efficiency, low noise efficiency, thus reducing the noise pollution, but also save energy.

 Turning radius is very small, basically close to 0. This is very suitable for use in a small space. For example: large shopping malls, trail, talent market, workshop and so on.

No brake system, by the gyroscope detection angular velocity signal, accelerometer detection angle signal, and then converged to get two rounds of electric balance vehicle accurate angle signal, and finally transmitted to the microcontroller, so that single-chip PWM module control two-wheel electric balance car motor positive and negative turn. This will avoid the energy waste, but also to avoid the wear of the brake pads. The traditional car may also appear when the brake is not working, this situation in the two electric balance car completely do not have to worry about.

Control is extremely convenient, only through the body before and after the tilt can change the two rounds of electric balance car forward and backward and running speed, more convenient than the traditional car and more flexible.

   In real life two rounds of electric balancing cars have been used in some special industries, such as the 2008 Olympic Games during the streets of Beijing in the "Segway". When the police encounter suspicious circumstances, you can react very quickly, so as to effectively improve the efficiency.

     Compared with the wheelbarrow balance car, the biggest difference between the two wheels is more than a wheel and joystick, but it and electric bicycles and motorcycle wheels arranged before and after the different, but the use of two rounds of fixed way, like a Kind of two rounds of parallel robots. The two-wheel self-balancing control system is a two-wheel-parallel arrangement, like a traditional inverted pendulum, itself is a natural unstable body, must be applied strong control means to make it stable. Because the two-wheeled balance car has the advantages of flexible movement, intelligent control, simple operation, energy saving, green, turning radius is zero, so it is suitable for running in a small space.

The working principle of the two-wheeled balancing machine is very similar to the balance system of our body itself. In the case of our human body, when the center of gravity is leaning forward, we need to move forward in order to ensure the balance; and when the center of gravity is backward, we need to go back, which is the same.

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