Balancing Scooter The Method Of Operation Is

- Oct 20, 2017-

Balancing Scooter The method of operation is

Security One: high performance

Balanced scooters mainly follow the "dynamic balance" of the basic principles, that is, precision gyroscope to determine the body of the posture dynamics, through the high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to maintain the balance of the body effect The This advanced technology to ensure that the product's high security, allowing users to rest assured that a bold experience.

Balance the scooter all for the user experience, from the beginning to do the design simple and generous, the function does not set up complex procedures, so that all people who love it can be arbitrary operation. The basic method of operation is: the body forward forward, the body is straight to stop, the body immediately after the back, without any button switch control, turn the body can easily on the road. At the same time, the balance of the scooter speed control, the maximum time limit, so riding more secure.

Security three: certification complete

Balance scooter manufacturers have a high-quality high-level management and technology research and development team, after years of painstaking efforts to overcome self-balancing balance skateboard industry life, heat, security and other difficulties, has passed CE, RoHS and many other international certification, And has a number of innovative products patent. In the case of

Security four: hand peace insurance

After several times in the market research and feedback, balance the scooter in line with the safety of each user for some sake, and some balance scooters have signed a cooperation agreement with Ping An Insurance. If the personal injury caused by quality problems, by the Ping An Insurance coverage, the maximum compensation limit of 500W. This is the movement of the double insurance! Buy first customer service.

It is forbidden to balance the scooter ride

Is it just enough to have the above security? Of course not, balance the scooter is not like other cars can operate the brakes, we must be sure to ride when the speed should not be too fast, always keep sober, not playing cool and other operations. Balancing Scooter is also a means of transport, riding a balanced scooter to ask when the traffic rules must be followed, at night to be sure to open the balance of the scooter LED safety light. The principle of intelligent balance car is mainly based on a known in the "dynamic stability" (Dynamic Stabilization) of the basic principles, that is, the vehicle itself, the ability to automatically balance. With the built-in solid state gyroscope (Solid-State Gyroscopes) to determine the body position of the posture, through the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to achieve a balanced effect. Suppose we take the driver of the vehicle and the vehicle's overall center of gravity as a reference line. When the axis is tilted forward, the built-in electric motor in the body of the smart balance car will produce the power of the forward, on the one hand, the balance of the torque tilted by the person and the car, on the one hand, the acceleration of the vehicle, Gyroscope found that the driver's center of gravity backward, will produce a backward force to achieve the balance effect. Therefore, the driver as long as the direction of their own body to move forward or backward, intelligent balance car will be tilted in the direction of forward or backward, and the speed is proportional to the extent of the driver's body tilt.

In principle, as long as the electric balance car has the right to turn on the power and to maintain adequate operation of the power, the car people do not have to worry about the possibility of dumping, which generally need to rely on the driver to balance their own skateboards and other means of transport The.

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