Balancing Scooter The Speed Is Relatively High

- Oct 31, 2017-

Balancing Scooter The speed is relatively high

Balanced scooters and balancers play a role in modern society so that more people love them, but many users are distressed by the fact that the car is still very good but the tires are worn and tires are replaced.

The wear of the tire comes from the pressure and there are a number of other external forces, so when the balance car (balance scooter) is used, if the pressure is reduced as much as possible, the tire pressure can be reduced if it is not in a hurry Wear.

Tire cleaning is also very important, and sometimes encounter rainy days, when the muddy road. The car will be stained with sand, including the fender, the sediment adheres to the tires, the friction will increase after the moisture is dry, and thus the tire wear is increased.

And in the ride when the choice of sections is essential, can try to go flat road when not to go rugged path. Including some gravel pavement or uneven potholes. Some users prefer cars in poor places, in fact, this way is not appropriate, because the road is not good and there may be other things of different things on the road, excessive hard objects on the tire wear is relatively large, and It is not safe to ride in bad road conditions.

In the summer when the temperature due to the ground temperature is too high lead to tire temperature will rise in the course of the ride as far as possible not to let the car through the area of water, so as to avoid the tire in the case of high temperature caused by tire wear The

The above is to share with you is how to try to protect the balance car (balance scooter) some of the ways and suggestions, we love car, it can take us to run longer. Balancing the use of scooters in life is also a wide range of applications, in addition to the advantages of a number of other more practical methods and uses. And the folding method is easy to operate is also the majority of consumers respected and loved.

Balanced scooter compared to the balance car, the car is long and narrow, relatively high speed, flexibility is also relatively good. And the place of folding after the place is not particularly large. Balanced scooters can stand and ride can also have a cushion ride. This relatively reluctant to relax the knee pressure. Balancing scooters also have a brake system, which is a guarantee when the speed is slightly higher and the emergency is brakes. Scooters in the car also set a shock absorber system, in some poor road conditions will not be affected by the impact of riding the mood.

Scooter body is relatively long, you can not guarantee the weight of the car under the premise of placing some things, so in the trip or home on the way is also more convenient. Scooters are charged lithium batteries, so in the process of placing and use to care for our scooters, so that they are in a good indoor environment, do not let it damp the water, so as not to cause some of the short circuit burned The.

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