Electric Scooter Briefly Describes The Parameters Of The Charger

- Mar 04, 2017-

The first important parameter is the low pressure value of the trickle stage, the second important parameter is the high constant voltage value of the second stage, and the third important parameter is the conversion current. These three important parameters and the number of batteries, and the battery capacity Ah, and temperature-related, and the battery type. In order to facilitate the memory, the following to the most common electric bike (three 12V series 10Ah battery) used in the three-stage charger as an example to briefly introduce:

First discuss the low voltage constant of the trickle stage, the reference voltage is about 42.5V. This value will make the battery water loss, easy to make the battery heat deformation; this value is not conducive to the battery is fully charged. This value in the south to less than 41.5V; colloidal batteries to less than 41.5V, such as in the south even lower. This parameter is relatively strict and can not be greater than the reference value.

Followed by the second stage of the high constant pressure value, the reference voltage of 44.5V or so. Electric scooter Brief introduction This value is high for fast and fully charged, but easy to make the battery water loss, charging the late current does not come, the result of the battery heat distortion; this value is not conducive to the battery fast enough power, is conducive to the trickle stage conversion. Although this value is not as strict as the first value, but not too high.

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