Folding Electric Scooter Company Analysis Of How To Grasp The Balance

- Mar 04, 2017-

Folding electric scooter company introduction, at the beginning, to help the wall or rely on other people to help, stand, practice how to grasp the balance.

method one:

First step on the front of the skateboard, the other foot on the ground, sliding forward. Then, the other foot is on the back of the skateboard. By the waist and two thighs around the swing, making the skateboard direction called S word.

Method 2:

Folding electric scooter company analysis, while foot skateboard front and rear part, and then instantly forward the body, with inertia before he, sports, taxi. Then, by the waist and two thighs of the left and right swing, and left and right called pedaling, making the skateboard direction S word.


A: Avoid overloading

B: Avoid use in water and too much dust

C: avoid collision, beat one and violently stampede

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