Hone Wheel Scooter From Carrying Side

- Aug 02, 2017-

hone wheel scooter From carrying side

There is no future for a roller skateboard, depending on two factors, one is the national policy for the definition and specification of such vehicles. The key point is a means of transport or entertainment fitness tools. This determines the final direction of the grinding wheel scooter. Second, the electric grinding wheel scooter must go down the price of the altar, the current price is still too high. Many people think that the price is high, because the product is of good quality, although the current is the case, but the essence is not the case, for a new industry, many of the initial R & D costs will be high, so the price is high, once all Of the matching are mature and mass production, the cost will naturally come down, so this can only be regarded as a problem, but not the core issue, the core or policy direction.

Self-grinding wheel scooter for an ordinary family, if used as a means of transport, self-balancing electric car forum that is desirable, whether from the environmental direction, or from the portable side, are worthy of praise. In the security of this piece, as long as the speed is not fast, it is best to design some security measures, in the weather and road conditions have to choose good. Grinding wheel scooter, if you want from the environmental situation, it is a very good means of transport, it uses the battery as a drive, speed close to the bike, and the weight is also a 10 kg or so, life mileage can reach 30 km about. Agricultural society is the means of transport of animals and animal vehicles; industrial society is the fuel, mechanical components, this era is the bike, motor vehicles, cars; information society of transport, will also draw and integrate into the era of the core scientific and technological achievements , Information technology, network technology, and large data age integration, embedded into the human as a whole intelligent life.

Clothing, food, shelter, line, constitute our basic life, truly comprehensive intelligent life, not just smart home, smart wear, intelligent dining, the same indispensable part of the "line" - intelligent mobile (Intelligent transportation, intelligent traffic).

Revolutionary intelligence to travel, if the vehicle can be invented, and can promote the popularity of words, must be from the small, low-cost means of transport to start. Because the car is relatively high value, it is difficult to realize the rapid diffusion of innovation. It is harder to do a wide range of experiments on the road in the field, such as unmanned cars, which are much harder than unmanned poles. Other vehicles, in addition to wheelchair-shaped car, before and after the two rounds of vehicles, such as bicycles, two-wheeled vehicles can not achieve their own balance, which is a smart transport of the most basic requirements. If the intelligent living in the basic necessities of life, the intelligent "line" is an inevitable trend, then this trend is bound to rely on intelligent grinding wheel scooter to happen, to the pilot, to spread, to popularize. Smart grinding wheel scooter is to start the future intelligent step, intelligent traffic is one of the most important node.

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