Hone Wheel Scooter In The State Of Charging

- Aug 29, 2017-

hone wheel scooter In the state of charging

What happens if you can't turn on the wheel scooter?

In recent years, with the environment is getting worse, the topic of environmental protection gradually thorough popular feeling, traffic jam, car emissions etc. Not only for people's travel inconvenience, also threatens people's health, we must start from the source, select new type of transport. In this way, the wheel scooter quietly came to our side. It also comes with minor problems during cycling. What can I do if I can't turn on the wheel scooter?

The main reasons for the failure of the roller scooter are:

The battery of the mill skater is broken. You can't boot up the car, but you can turn it on in the charging state. That's the battery. You need to change the battery.

The stopwatch of the wheel scooter is broken. For grinding wheel scooter car plug in the charger, grinding wheel scooter in charger for the car still can't open the machine, the scooter clock is broken, need to change the clock (note: please open the foot pedal, unplug collation and controller plugin, a new clock connection controller boot. It is best to connect the wire to the controller when drawing the code table and the controller's plug-in, so that you can not connect the code table to the wrong connector. The roller skater is in the water. When the car is in the water, damage to the controller, battery, and other parts will make it impossible to turn on the car. (note: this type of car is not suitable for water. You'd better stay away from the water and the weather.) With the continuous development of science and technology, the grinding wheel scooter has become people's personal use transport vehicle (most people are used to walking) is suitable for the urban traffic, a new type of vehicle is a kind of had ever seen, is applied to personal transportation, tourism, entertainment and car pick up, and many other aspects. Now the wheel scooter has been so friendly, more and more people have owned and ridden it. With long-term use process, however, a few small problems, don't repair it can let a person more headaches, next, in the use of grinding wheels under the small make up to introduce the scooter in the process of the most common problems: grinding wheels scooter can't charge

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