Hone Wheel Scooter Market Demand

- Jun 07, 2017-

"Magic Wheel Scooter Project Feasibility Study Report" "Magic Wheel Scooter Project Feasibility Study Report" is the market demand, technical plan, fund plan, financial effect, social impact, investment risk of the proposed magic wheel scooter project And so on to conduct a comprehensive technical and economic analysis and demonstration, and submitted to the Development and Reform Commission, the Commission, the bank or other higher authorities approved the submission of documents. 【Report Type】 Project Feasibility Study Report 【Report Usage】 Government Project, Application Land, Bank Loan, Listing Raising, etc. 【Delivery Time】 3-20 working days, special requirements are agreed upon 【Charges】 According to the project investment Size, engineering consulting qualification level and other factors to calculate [the establishment of institutions]

This report shall be prepared in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Licensing and other relevant provisions of the State. It is the basic document for the establishment of large-scale infrastructure projects. The National or Local Development and Reform Commission shall, according to the project feasibility study report To approve, file or approve, decide whether or not a project is to be implemented. This report is relatively difficult, the preparation cycle is short, usually 1-3 weeks; report requires engineering consulting qualification (sub-A, B, C three levels) of the unit to write, the vast majority of feasibility study report belong to this Use of the report.

For the bank to apply for a loan Commercial banks or policy banks in the risk assessment before the loan, the project requires a detailed feasibility study report for the larger amount of loans, the bank will usually organize expert review to determine whether the project Able to lend.

The loan feasibility study report requires a more detailed and accurate market analysis (usually requiring authoritative data or first-hand survey data), a more detailed and accurate construction program, a reasonable process (explaining the advantages of the process and the reasons for choosing the process) , Detailed equipment details, potential customer groups (if there is a purchase contract or a strategic cooperation agreement is better), detailed financial data, the main risk of the project (the bank attaches great importance). Such reports are generally written for 2-4 weeks and need to be visited at the location of the project.

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