Hone Wheel Scooter The Main Constituent Structure

- Sep 19, 2017-

hone wheel scooter The main constituent structure

The grinding wheel scooter is mainly composed of two parts, one is the main body of the grinding wheel scooter; the other part is the direction control handle of the grinding wheel scooter.

The direction of the handle is used to control the direction of the process of running the body; and grinding wheel scooter is the main body called the self-balancing (Self-balancing) the main reason, the following will list the main components of the main roller trolley structure :

1. Control circuit board (that is, we often say that the motherboard), the control circuit board contains a sensor module, the operation module, the motor control drive module;

2. Equalization sensor components (ie, gyroscope, or gyroscope and accelerometer combination, as to why there is a combination of gyroscope and accelerometer, we will work in the grinding wheel scooter in a detailed explanation);

3. The motor can be roughly divided into DC motor, stepper motor and servo motor. The structure is mainly divided into brush motor and brushless motor (which can be divided into brush motor and brushless motor). See the self-balanced electric car election brush motor or brushless motor a better understanding of the difference between brush motor and brushless motor); from the balance of the motor plan is divided into independent motor plus gear (ie, the gear box) transmission plan and the turbine One of the wheel drive plans. In this paper, as shown above, the balanced car is an independent motor plus gear transmission plan;

4. Battery, currently used to balance the battery in the battery to lead-acid batteries and lithium-based;

5. Other parts, including cars, wheels and so on.

The principle of operation is mainly to establish a kind of what is called "dynamic stability" (dynamicstabilization) of the fundamental principle, that is, the vehicle's own automatic equalization. The built-in solid-state lattice (solid-stategyroscopes) to determine the body's attitude state, through the fine and high-speed central micro-processor to calculate the appropriate instructions, the motor to achieve a balanced effect.

Technical characteristics

1, about two rounds of electric cars, the common balanced design plan.

2, set "embedded + industrial design + art design" product integration and innovation technology to embedded technology to enhance the inherent intelligence of products to comply with contemporary digital products, intelligent trends, completed by the inside and outside the innovation.

3, product information modeling, establish a set of both the product shape features, but also contains the user's cognitive image of the psychological characteristics of the system, and on this basis to further develop the user's product to the final request-driven product generation system.

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