Hone Wheel Scooter Wear A Protective Gear

- Oct 31, 2017-

hone wheel scooter Wear a protective gear

When you are walking around the wheeled scooter in the streets, an accidental wrestling is a very awkward thing, it is important to wear a protective gear when riding a wheel scooter, but to understand Wrestling method is also essential Oh! At present we are only from the perspective of the protection of their own prevention, the future we can enhance the function from the car and do a prevention system. Then the damage will be greatly reduced, while improving the fun of riding a wheel scooter, Xiaobian with everyone here to think about the solution to this problem.

When the grinding wheel scooter in the ride on the way low-speed fall, in the just grinding wheel scooter start or special terrain when the motor super power. This image is generated in the soft plate, the rider to the motor shaft for the rotation of the center of the forward tilt, the wheels in the back of the feet under the action of the back, so that the entire vehicle backwards, so that people lose support Fall down In the high-speed fall, in the flat road, the normal driving balance due to grinding wheel scooter equipment problems suddenly power. At this time the pedal is the wheel and the ground contact point as the center of the forward rotation, so the wheel is still a certain speed before the energy, so the wheels will not turn backward but the body tilted forward. Summary: low speed flutter street is the car fly back, people fell to the place. In the high-speed fluttering street is flying out of the car down in place. Solution:

1. Install the spare brake system, which consists of a backup battery, a controller and a mechanical brake.

2. When the controller detects the low speed, the motor loses power and locks the wheel and the vehicle body by starting the mechanical brake device through the backup battery. To prevent the vehicle from moving backwards. So when the rider to move low, under normal circumstances can be prevented by jumping fluttering street.

3. When the middle and high speed is detected, the motor is lost. The backup battery and the controller take over the vehicle and start the active deceleration mode. At this time, the forward acceleration mode is disabled and the motor is started when the motor is slowed down to low speed.

4. Grinding wheel scooter installation of the standby brake system will increase the grinding wheel scooter vehicle weight, a large number of 0.5-1kg, this device can also be connected to manually start to become the second brake. Standby power capacity can be small or use super capacitors. Mechanical brake for the electromagnetic type, the controller is installed independently. With the active brake system of the grinding wheel scooter, this short-distance tool to solve the risk of accidental fall, it may become a formal commuter tool.

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