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- Sep 19, 2017-

hoverboard Mainly below

The air cushion is larger than the wheels of the single-wheeled balancer, the pitch of the wheels is widened, and the armrest is more than the single-wheeled balancer. This simple change is first and foremost increased, and secondly, the rider feels comfortable The Air cushion plate originated in the United States, we also see the film and television drama in the air cushion figure.

Air cushion with patrol type and sports type two. In our country is the first popular patrol with air cushion. We can always see patrolling patrols at various airports. Returning rate is two hundred percent.

Sports air cushion was originally used in some high consumer sports venues. Such as a golf course. The airtight board carries our players into and out of the stadium, providing them with a convenient service. But because of this high consumer prices are expensive, so we can only take curiosity to see.

With the continuous popularity of air cushion, air cushion to the general consumer group. Co., Ltd. is an air cushion manufacturer. The production of air cushion plate is to let the majority of the public friends to enjoy the innovation of science and technology pleasure. If you are interested in air cushion, welcome to buy. Do not care about the price of the balance car, because happiness is to buy what you want to buy things. Two-wheel self-balancing electric car in the design of the following main features:

Green. Electric vehicles using battery-powered, complete pollution to the environment, absolutely green, and can be re-charged use. And the operation of the motor high efficiency, low noise efficiency, which not only reduces the noise pollution, but also saves energy.

Turning radius is very small, basically close to 0. This is very suitable for use in a small space. For example: large shopping malls, trail, talent market, workshop and so on.

No brake system, by the gyroscope detection angular velocity signal, accelerometer detection angle signal, and then melt the two rounds of electric equalization vehicle accurate angle signal, and finally transmitted to the microcontroller, so that the single-chip PWM module control two-wheel electric equalization vehicle motor positive and negative turn. This will prevent the energy from the waste, but also to prevent the wear of the brake pads. The traditional car may also show when the brake is not working, this situation in the two rounds of electric balance car completely do not worry.

Control extreme inconvenience, only through the body before and after the tilt can change the two rounds of electric equalization vehicle travel back and running speed, more sensitive than the traditional car.

In the ideal life two rounds of electric equalization vehicles have been used in some special industries, such as the 2008 Olympic Games during the streets of Beijing in the "Segway".

When the police encounter suspicious situation, it will be able to respond very quickly, so as to effectively improve the work efficiency.

The company has the core technology, brings together the international core information products innovation technology, limited company has a rich computer, electronics, communications, industrial control, the company has a wealth of computer, electronics, communications, industrial control, Embedded system development of hardware and software talent, product application solution elite.

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