Hoverboard Puzzle Movement

- Oct 12, 2017-

hoverboard Puzzle movement

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, high-tech products more and more. Smart electric air cushion plate is not surprising, the accident is almost air cushion has entered thousands of households, as people around the good companion, why have such a good evaluation, the original benefits of gas plate so much!

First, the air-cushion movement by the medical profession as "puzzle movement", through the body muscle movement, so that the body is active and relaxed state, to promote the development of the cerebellum to promote the brain developed and improve intelligence.

Second, riding the air cushion plate can shape the beautiful shape, minors long-term riding comparable to the same age children 5-10 cm higher.

It is rich in people's life, for the cultivation of a person positive, confident, firm, enterprising personality quality has a very good effect.

Fourth, long-term ride cushion can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, so that the shoulder, ridge, legs, limbs, feet, wrist to get a comprehensive exercise, enhance physical flexibility, skill.

5, air-cushion plate does not require a dedicated venue, whether in the road, park, forest trails or courtyard, indoor can be used, it can ride almost all-weather.

Six, riding the air cushion continued to brush the streets 30 minutes the average heat consumption 285 cards, S-shaped pile around 30 minutes the average heat consumption of 900 calories, equivalent to running 1 hour of calories consumed. Take 0.5-2 hours a day to practice the air cushion plate can be relaxed in the work or study pressure, away from the pressure, away from the effect of obesity.

Seven, air cushion movement can let young people away from television, network hazards, enhance physical fitness to improve immunity. Promote physical balance, coordination, flexibility and the ability to cultivate independence.

Eight, riding the gas plate requirements back straight, often riding the gas plate can prevent hunchback, myopia. Adolescents can correct the hump and slightly lateral bending of the spine in about 2 months, so that the eyes and books to maintain the appropriate distance to prevent myopia.

Nine, air cushion easy to place, easy to carry. Public places, cars, trains can carry with you. Skilled in the general range of 20 km can take to the streets.

10, the family often together with the air cushion movement can enhance the feelings of husband and wife, increase parent-child relationship to promote family harmony.

 In this electric smart air cushion popular world, everyone with a cool pull the wind of the electric air cushion, it is how the vision of the experience, so the problem came in the purchase of electric intelligent air cushion, how to buy Air cushion Choose a good brand, can be used with the rest assured that the use of Shuxin. Air cushion to meet you.

First, buy a large brand

Air cushion body of the technical content is relatively high, the general no-name manufacturers do not have good technology and solutions, the production of air-cushion plate may be cut corners, so that users will be some security risks. Like some of the Taobao sales before the gas plate, a lot of sales, the sun pictures only a few, Xiao Bian or advise everyone to pay attention at the same time to buy it!

Second, the parameters are important

There are several more important parameters to buy air cushion.

1, life mileage, according to your travel distance to select the product.

2, charging time, some products charge longer, buy time to pay attention.

3, the level of waterproof, outdoor use of the tool is easier to encounter road water or rainy days, so the level of water is very important, it should decide whether you can use in some places.

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