Introduction Of Electric Scooter Principle And Price Comparison

- Mar 04, 2017-

´╗┐Electric scooters are based on the design of traditional scooters, in the human scooter on the basis of upgrading, in the scooter to increase the battery, motor, lighting, dashboard, computer chips and other components, while the wheels, Frame and other systems to upgrade, which derived from the electric scooters such products, generally more in the daily life of travel, especially by office workers welcome.

At present, the price of electric scooters ranging from one thousand dollars to million, in Europe and the United States developed countries and domestic cities are very popular with young groups welcome.

Self-balancing car, also known as electric balance car, somatosensory car, thinking car, etc., there are two types of wheel and two-wheeled, self-balancing car is a new type of transport in recent years, the use of battery plus motor drive, computer Chip plus sensor to help control the way.

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