Kick Scooter How To Maintain Electric Balance Car

- Jul 18, 2017-

Kick Scooter How to maintain electric balance car

Do not replace the charger, do not remove the controller speed limit.

Manufacturers of the charger are generally personalized needs, in the absence of discretion when not to replace the charger. If the continuation of the mileage requirements for a long time, must be charged for the remote and equipped with multiple chargers, put the day to make up the charger charging the use of additional charger, and the evening with the original charger. Remove the controller speed limit, although you can increase the speed of some cars, in addition to reducing the safety of the car, but also reduce the battery life.

Protect the charger.

The general instructions on the use of the above instructions on the protection of the charger. Many users do not see the habit of the instructions, often in addition to the problem after looking for looking for instructions to see, often too late, so look at the instructions is very necessary. In order to reduce costs, the current charger is basically not doing high resistance to vibration design, so that the charger is generally not placed in the electric bicycle trunk and car basket. Special circumstances, must move, but also the charger with a good package of foam to prevent the occurrence of vibration bumps. Many of the chargers after the vibration, the internal potentiometer will drift, making the whole parameters drift, resulting in the state of charge is not normal. Also need to pay attention to is the time to charge the charger to keep the ventilation, or not only affect the life of the charger, but also may occur thermal drift and affect the state of charge. This will cause damage to the battery. Therefore, the protection of the charger is also very important.

Charge every day.

Even if your continued capacity is not long, you can use a power of 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so that the battery in a shallow cycle, the battery life will be extended. Some early use of mobile phone users that the best use of the battery is basically finished after the recharging, this view is wrong, lead-acid battery memory benefits are not so strong. Often put the end of the battery life of the battery is relatively large. Most of the charger in the light when the indicator light is fully charged, the battery charge may be 97% to 99%. Although only less charge 1% to 3% of the electricity, the capacity of the continuation of the capacity is almost negligible, but also the formation of undercharging accumulation, so the battery is full of electric lights or as soon as possible after the float charge, the suppression of battery curing is also beneficial. After the battery discharge began to vulcanization process, in 12 hours, there has been a significant vulcanization. Timely charging, you can remove the serious vulcanization, if not timely charging, these sulfide crystallization will be the accumulation and gradually formed a large crystal, the general charger for these coarse crystals are powerless, will gradually form a decline in battery capacity, shortened Battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, but also note that after the end of the use of the charge as soon as possible, as far as possible so that the battery is fully charged state.

Periodic deep discharge.

The battery is periodically subjected to a deep discharge also conducive to "activation" of the battery, you can slightly increase the battery capacity. The general method is to periodically discharge the battery once completely. The method of full discharge is cycling to the first undervoltage protection under conditions of flat road normal load. Note that we emphasize the first undervoltage protection. After the first battery undervoltage protection, the battery after a period of time, the voltage will rise, and return to non-under pressure state, this time if you use the battery, the battery damage. After the complete discharge is complete, the battery is fully charged. Will feel the battery capacity has improved.

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