Kick Scooter Mainly Concentrated

- Jun 22, 2017-

Kick Scooter Mainly concentrated

China's production of scooters are mainly concentrated in the development of mold known for Jiangsu and Zhejiang plate, because the entire plate by the small and scattered enterprises piled up, the workshop-style production so that it has not been able to produce the production of scooters heavyweight enterprises, 10 years of Chinese scooters in the international community did not get the same as the competitiveness of the same car. (Daughter hard to buy cattle back I do not need to hesitate)

Chongqing, China 's "motorcycle capital". But in the scooter this piece is still "lame", the crux of the problem in the scooter accessories. We all know that the development of any new products are inseparable from supporting the resources of its accessories, due to lack of spare parts in the scooter parts in Chongqing, especially the scooter cover, lighting, frame and other key components of the basic resources need to Jiangsu and Zhejiang region Procurement, which makes the Chongqing plate scooter manufacturing costs higher than Jiangsu and Zhejiang many, and thus lose the competitiveness of the price. Many Chongqing vehicle factory had to scooter production moved to the coast, or in Jiangsu and Zhejiang plate to find enterprises to do OEM production, which can not help but become a car quality, system and after-sales service on the runaway.

But in Chongqing, a local mold production parts, but also faced with high cost, no local large business support, spare parts business confidence in the problem. We are asking, is the scooter will once again with the Chongqing Moku help the deal? Is the scooter destined to become the pain of the motorcycle forever? (Analysis of the main purpose of mainstream funds, found the best profit opportunities!)

When the company is worried about the time, the Chongqing municipal government to a firm support for the Morocco, the city government in early 2004 demonstration of the construction of "motorcycle capital" feasibility of the scooter and large displacement compared to the special issue of all large displacement And scooters of the vehicle and spare parts are to enjoy the tax incentives for new products; and in June this year, led by the Municipal Economic Commission, the development zone and enterprises to the scooters parts manufacturers of Guangdong and Zhejiang investment, to encourage everyone to Chongqing's development zone to invest and set up factories, Chongqing municipal government promised to give the corresponding preferential policies.

The other side of the business is also homeopathic: Zongshen Group has cooperation with the Italian Biagio technology, and Biagio in the world with advanced scooter production technology; Longxin Group's Jinlong also with Taiwan Gwangyang extensive Technical cooperation. As the three groups of people in Chongqing Lifan Group is far enough, to vigorously big fight, to own their own but lost the scooter market for many years to recapture.

Earlier this year, Lifan Group invested 30 million yuan to build a large amount of Lifan scooter Chongqing production base of the first phase of the project was completed, which is Chongqing's largest local scooter production base, the annual production capacity of 300,000 units, it completed the declaration of Chongqing Motorcycle The end of the history of "one leg", marking the development of Lifan Group leapt to a new level. The new plant was first established, Lifan actively explore, decisively launched to A Dr., Princess, Lingying, Hammer four relatively mature models, combined with high-level concept of quality of the new models. From March 2004 to June just three months time, Lifan scooter factory has produced more than 12,000 scooters.

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