Kick Scooter The Invention Process

- Jul 05, 2017-

Kick Scooter The invention process

The invention of scooters in the history of the development of locomotives around the world, the most classic and get the greatest achievement, no doubt, is undoubtedly widely welcomed by the world, so far the fans around the world club Italy Piaggio Vespa.

Biagio is the famous Italian big business, founder RinaldoPiaggio. The company was born at the end of the nineteenth century, the early production of wood products and cars, and later also the production of ships and aircraft, the first test in 1941 to develop the first fully sealed aircraft, and fully into the design of large passenger aircraft flying. During World War II, Biia Qiao factory was bombed by aircraft bombardment. RinaldoPiaggio's son EnricoPiaggio inherited his father, took over the factories of Pontedera and Pisa, and he was faced with devastation, so they had to produce a wide range of attractive and reasonably priced products. EnricoPiaggio noted the market potential of cheap vehicles, he was not a motorcycle driver, but he invented the car is a motorcycle and car between the vehicle - scooter.

This vehicle, called scooter, has been tried to manufacture in the 1920s, but failed because of poor quality of operation, and people do not know whether this theoretically viable scooter will eventually become a reality. EnricoPiaggio found a CorradinoD'Ascanio, a senior engineer who could help him achieve his goal, and was directly involved in the development of a new scooter. At that time the goal is very clear: the new scooter must let the woman ride up like a man riding a motorcycle so comfortable. When riding a puddle, it must not splash the rider, can not let the oil stained clothes, can have space to put the tire, it must be light, easy to control and easy to ride.

D'Ascanio developed a simple and effective method, with iron shell as a frame, both the installation of the engine, but also to meet the above requirements. He designed the scooter single-arm front suspension system similar to the aircraft landing gear, making the front wheel demolition easy, the engine and the drive wheel is directly linked to a change in the traditional motorcycle pedal control mode, variable speed control placed in the right hand. Biya Joe took less than five months to put D'Ascanio design of the 2-stroke engine scooter from the drawings into physical. April 23, 1946, Biya Joe launched the first scooter, because of its engine buzz and tail like the Hornets, so named Vespa (Italian: Hornets). The myth that was created by D'Ascanio continues for generations after generation. At that time, when the postwar global economic downturn, Vespa inexpensive, durable, easy to drive the characteristics of the consumer to attract the attention of the public, which broke out a wave of Vespa popular, the next few decades, Pontedera factory Manufacturing millions of Vespa, sold to many countries and regions, known as the "sheep" car or women's car, widely recognized by the community. Vespa dominated the locomotive market to lead the coquettish, in 1951, has been in Germany, France, Britain and Spain in production base. Until the Japanese speed Keda swept the world, this trend was gradually decline, even so, Vespa still have many loyal supporters.

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