Kick Scooter With Power Supply

- Sep 07, 2017-

Kick Scooter With power supply

The scooter is a plug-in electric vehicle with two or three wheels powered by power. The power is stored in a rechargeable battery and drives one or more motors. The scooter (different from the motorcycle) has a through frame.

Today's most common scooters have two hard wheels, made of aluminum, easy to fold. Some electric bikes have 3 or 4 wheels, or made of plastic, either large or not folded. A high-performance chocolate scooter made for adults is similar to the old "penny" of a larger wheel in front, with two options, a foldable scooter with a seat or a folding kicker without a seat car.

The scooter barely requires maintenance. In addition to the zero electric motorcycles, six years did not use electric experiments: "There is only one battery, a motor and a black box (that is, the controller) to keep your movement," said the transportation editor of the Cable magazine. , The two wheels are compared to conventional motorcycles, the scooters are kept clean and all the lubrication and adjustment and adjustment are all needed. You are basically just worry about consumables: brake pads, tires, and perhaps brake fluid rinses.

From the bike of this hobby in the out of the riders, hope that the balance of the car can give you another ride life experience, more effort, more portable, more cool. Like a variety of qualities, tuned headphones to listen to for a long time, the last headset enthusiasts are no longer the pursuit of the past has been perfect, no longer buy new products, no longer study the evaluation of a variety of listening characteristics, The mentality of such a situation, the bike ride for a long time will be so. No longer want to toss the tires, frame, painting, etc., do not want to rest and go to the riders to ride, tired, passion gradually faded, completely from the bike of this love out of the car faithful, may wish Try to think about the balance of the car, the same is the ride, but can bring you and cycling quite different riding experience.

Thinking balance wheelbarrow is more convenient than a bike travel tool. It is estimated that many car faithful have encountered such a situation, suddenly under heavy rain or physical limited enough to continue to ride, want to take the bus, subway, but was refused to the door, even the folding section of the bike is also in this way. But the thinking balance car will not encounter such a problem, it is very small and very light, you can easily carry it into the bus, the subway to; bring it, you do not need too many plans, , Do not want to ride to find a destination to the bus, subway station, ride on the can, is not done enough wayward and arbitrary?

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