Off Road Scooter Non-road Two-wheeled Motorcycle

- Jun 07, 2017-

Off-road motorcycles, also known as non-road two-wheeled motorcycles, in the European Union, the United States and ATV, UTV, BAJA, Go-kart, etc. are unified called ORV (non-road vehicles) [1]; is a motorcycle movement or All-terrain car racing car held in the off-road line used in the motorcycle models. Off-road motorcycles are from the UK, the first to date back to British Scrambling game. The name of the source is self-change in the "motorcycle" and "cross-country race car" integration definition.

In China, young boys began to buy cars are no longer favored, they fell in love with a motorcycle. Especially the packaging of exquisite beauty of the more off-road motorcycle by the Chinese young boys are welcome.

There are many categories of off-road motorcycles, from the displacement points are 90,110,125,150,200,250,400. From the use of points are:

1, field off-road racing (commonly known as the race, from Yamaha YZ to Kawasaki KX, from Honda CR to Suzuki RM, there are KTM SX series)

Features: tall, simple, strong, shock absorption did not say that there is no unnecessary decoration and lighting, power output emphasizes the low-speed area, explosive power super.

Disadvantages: short of a little bit difficult, not the best car from its far point.

2, Lin Road cross country racing (also known as endurance race, such as Yamaha WR series, KTM EXC series)

Features: and the venue of the car almost, but the power is more smooth, durable, can be installed simple lamps to adapt to durable driving.

3, civilian-type off-road vehicles (subdivided into sports, road off-road dual-use, the engine is divided into two strokes and four strokes. Such as Suzuki DR, TS-R series, Honda XR, XL series, Yamaha TT-R, DT, XT series, Kawasaki KLX, KDX, KLR series, etc.)

Features: simple structure, easy to maintain, dynamic for civilians, amateur amusement enthusiasts ride.

4, long distance endurance motorcycles (also divided into civil and professional sports, such as Honda African double cylinder 750, Yamaha XTZ-850, Kawasaki KLE-400, etc.) Europeans like to play with things.

Features: generally have a larger shroud, tall and mighty, high quality, powerful, durable, heavy, high oil storage and so on.

Disadvantages: do not run the desert and trek less touch it, high fuel consumption!

5, retro off-road vehicles (also known as grass flying, such as Suzuki VAN VAN series, Yamaha TW series, Zongshen ZS150GY, etc.)

Features is simple structure, modeling mighty and yet soft, easy to maintain, low cost, suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Driving characteristic is 4 minutes off-road 6 road.

6, obstacles climbing the car (commonly known as technical climb or climb.)

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