One Wheel Scooter Mainly Reflects In

- Sep 07, 2017-

One Wheel Scooter mainly reflects in

Single-wheel scooter market so that it can quickly become a competitor for commercial competitors, in a short period of time, the country has dozens of large and small electric single-wheel scooters in different product brands, branding overwhelming, And this actually gives the consumer a lot of trouble. What kind of electric single sheave is good? Pay attention to what? Here, we will teach you some of the methods and techniques of buying a single wheel scooter, of course, can help you choose the right technical assistance.

First, look for a real regular vendor. Today's electric single-wheel scooter market is a mixed bag, a variety of small and small brands too many, and some companies do not have their own R & D team and production workshop, just buy a simple parts assembly, paste their logo directly Sales, single-wheel scooters can be imagined. Some businesses even steal other brands to promote, so as to deceive consumers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a genuine, regular single wheel scooter manufacturer.

Second, under the same price performance. Self-balancing single-wheel scooter performance comparison is mainly reflected in the battery capacity, mileage, maximum load and so on. Distance, and now on the market more free fire travel and IPS have more than 2,000 separate round models, unrestrained travel FI series is the use of SonyV3 lithium battery, charge and discharge cycle can be more than 500 times, a charge as long as 45 -60 minutes or so, the total electric distance, up to 23krn (depending on the weight and environment of the ride and the environment), the maximum load of 120kg, the maximum speed can be increased by 18 km / h, the maximum climbing angle of 30 ° The More than 300 than the IPS range and limit the weight of the price of more than 300, a single charge takes 2 hours, the maximum climb angle of 15 °, which is better or worse has become clear whether it is to work, Or pure play, keep in mind the reasons for your purchase. During the purchase process, an array of electric single-wheeled scooters will definitely spend your eyes, and at this point you should remember what you are buying an electric single-wheeled scooter and then make the right choice. Electric single sheave scooter is advanced, but not everyone will ride on hand. From Wei Diya electric single-wheel scooters reflect the user's point of view, everyone has different ability to balance, get started speed is also different. But from the rookie to the master, basically need a process. In general, first look for a balance, then stand, then forward, and finally practicing acceleration and deceleration brake and turn. To play well, the secret lies in a word, practice.

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