One Wheel Scooter Precautions

- Jun 22, 2017-

One Wheel Scooter Precautions

Note the editor

Do not use it on a normal road (road).

Before making a ride, be sure to check if each part is loose and the lock lever is locked.

Scooter is not a toy, do not use it for other purposes except ride.

For safety reasons, in use, to be prepared in advance helmets, wrist, rubber shoes, etc., in order to do physical protection measures. In addition, do not wear sunglasses and headphones while playing. At the same time, easy to slip shoes, high heels are not wear.

When riding, do not ride in stunts.

At night, rain, snow road or gravel, sand, pits and other dangerous places please do not use. At the same time in the ups and downs of the road, frequent vehicles and pedestrians and more places, please do not drive.

The maximum weight limit for scooters is 100 kg. Please do not use more weight.

As the scooter is a new sport, it is a child's favorite, and when the children playing the scooter, in addition to wearing safe protective equipment, the best by the parents in the side to accompany, to avoid dangerous action, the venue Should also choose a more open and smooth place.

When buying scooters, scooters of the material, performance should also be considered, the most important thing is that parents should remind the child to pay attention to their own safety,

To prevent the recurrence of similar accidental injuries, resulting in unnecessary regret.

Standard reference editor

Code for inspection of mechanical safety performance of import and export scooters

Code for inspection of import and export electric scooters

Learning to play scooters must have a sense of balance and healthy body, too weak and too young children is best not to contact the sport too early. Exercise itself is to enhance the child's physique, so that children in a happy mood to enhance their sense of balance and limb with the ability. Proposed more than 3 years old child

Son can start learning skateboard, before learning, it is best to have the experience of riding a tricycle:

1, easy to grasp the handlebar handle skills to control the car steering;

2, children use the scooter, the baby will soon be able to grasp the bike taxi method, help to ride two wheels in the future bike.

The benefits of scooters

1, enhance the baby's sense of balance, promote the body, waist, arms and legs with the overall.

2, according to the child's character traits, the development of scooter training program, from the beginning to the final success of the failure process, so that children become bold and more perseverance.

Recommendation: If long-term play scooters, there will be excessive development of leg muscles, affecting the overall development of the body, and even affect the height of development. In addition, playing scooters need a good balance, waist, knees, ankles need to force the body, these parts are very easy to hurt, so before the slide to do warm-up exercise, and wear a knee, elbow, helmets and other self-defense equipment The Taxiing speed should not be too fast, otherwise it may happen collision or fall, causing damage.

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