One Wheel Scooter Single Foot Force To Be Absolutely Enough

- Jun 13, 2017-

One Wheel Scooter Single foot force to be absolutely enough

Single roller skateboard has three technical focus: First, single foot force to be absolutely enough, the second is to balance the body; Third, hand movements.

1, practice method is very simple feet with a single round (toes heel, feet and feet) in place to do before and after the foot of the practice (that white is the two-legged single-wheel standing, and then separated before and after - close - - close ---) suggested that nearly 20 minutes a day on the practice can be, very tired bitter Oh, but the practice of the words, not only can turn around, single-wheel series of piles will be unexpected surprises Oh.

2, in addition to practice rounds, there is the rotation of the foot practice, feet within the knife to do within the crab step in the process, in the process of turning the feet to the adduction, the big round harvest small round, the above exercises To continue.

3, feel the foot of the force can begin to practice the sense of balance of the upper body, according to the method of practice but the difference is that this time to do with a single round to do the wrong step forward or slowly turn around, practice focus In the balance of the upper body Oh.

4, practicing almost when the old practice began to practice the hand, the first practice is to chase, that is, turn up, hand to drive the body to turn, right hand to grasp the left hand, but the right hand desperately fled, in front of you like two Canadian fighter same.

5, when you can chase chase after the smooth, you can practice hand, that is, on the basis of chasing hands, his hands to recover the chest. I have not gotten, but the basic theory is this;

6. Slide the driver to slide to the appropriate speed, tilt the skateboard front, with the rear wheel to do 360 degrees of rotation.

7. To master the balance of the body, try to make the skateboard in the air to stop for a long time.

8. Hold the front of the skateboard by hand and keep the balance fulcrum and rotate it with the skateboard. And then after the skateboard side of the skateboarding, hand to grab the skateboard, so that a wheel on the rear wheel from the ground, at least to turn more than two laps.

  Keybo: the principle of circular, the use of two wheels cross circle, a few key points:

1, the center of gravity to maintain in the middle

2, turn left to the right foot to keep in front of the left foot and the toes to the left hook [drive rotation]

3, not only the foot of the output, upper body and arm are required to control the balance

4, the head of the head in front of the head, do not throw your head, or eyes up floating

5, starting feet and shoulder width, the feet opened before and after the front of the rear wheel should not be more than the rear of the front wheel too much, his hands to maintain the level and open 90 degrees, the left hand in front, right hand on the right, remember Live wrist and hand shaft can not be bent, the whole arm for a straight line.

6, the use of arm force to drive the body, in driving the feet, then try to maintain the body is not tilted, because a tilt will focus on running away.

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