Tell About How Electric Scooters Brake

- Mar 04, 2017-

1. Principle: Use the built-in gyroscope and sensor control box to adjust the electric scooter movement state.

2. standing on the person through the adjustment of their own body posture, the role of the foot above, you can control the car. Center of gravity forward, the car will move forward. After the center of gravity, the car will be back. Acceleration and deceleration can be controlled by the amplitude of the forward tilt. Under normal circumstances, the turn is through the role of the feet on both sides of the strength of the different to control. (- you know this sentence from a liberal arts students say how powerful it!

3. When the best practice is to rely on railings, human railing

4. When buying electric scooters when the reference factors are recommended as follows: (by importance) security, life, weight, price.

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