The Three Structural Effects Of Electric Scooters

- Mar 04, 2017-

First, the handlebar height to slightly lower with the chest, which is conducive to grasp, is not conducive to control the handlebar, too low to use will feel tired. Usually, the handlebar and the body into a vertical direction, only in the corner when only twist the handlebar, if the handlebar always turn left or turn right, the car will circle in a direction, easy to wrestling. Of course, easy to fall with the size of the wheel, the use of materials are also related to the wheels and the material is more soft, the greater the role of the buffer, encountered a small ditch or uneven road safety.

Second, before the school, it is best to have the experience of riding a tricycle, which is easy to master the handlebar skills to control the car steering; adult use electric scooter, the bike can quickly grasp the taxi method, help to ride two wheels The bike.

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